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London, United Kingdom



Like many other trainers my road into fitness came with a childhood full of sports and a curiosity for health and human development.


I qualified in Business Studies at Plymouth University at 22, travelled the world for 2 years, found Acting at 25 and now qualified in make believe, whilst simultaneously qualifying as a Level 2/3 Personal Instructor and Cycle Studio Instructor.

Finding clarity and direction in my life hasn't always been easy. Being diagnosed with PKD at 16 gave me everything I needed to turn a disadvantage into a catalyst for change. I want to help others who seek drive, determination and a need for a healthier balanced lifestyle, regardless of ethnicity, weight, age or gender.

Loves: Granola, Ice Cold Milk and some seriously naughty Dark Chocolate!

Career Highs: Without sounding cliche, changing peoples lives. Bus also designing and launching my own fitness brand #SweatSquadUK

How Can I help you: My teaching style is technical and progressive, to make sure things are always focused and fun.



Level 2 - Certificate in Fitness Instruction 

Level 3 – Certificate in Personal Training 

Studio Cycling Certificate 

Thanks for taking the time to read my story .