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#SweatSquadUK Beats PowerBeats Pro Review

June 22, 2019

Impressed!! - Workout ‘buds from Beats



Price & Release Date

The PowerBeats Pro will set you back £219...FACT! Only available in black at the moment, Ivory, Moss, and Navy will all be available over the summer. But I don't want to look like a complete d**k so I went with the classic black! Plus I had been waiting over a year for these, so wasn't bothered about colour, more about functionality. 



In terms of design, there’s a lot to like about the new PowerBeats Pro. It has a sport design, while still being practical enough to wear around outside the gym. 

On each  earbud the PowerBeats Pro have a centre playback control button where the Beats logo is, plus a volume slider. That means you can control your music with whichever hand is free, which is a nice feature.

It also helps that the Pro is extremely comfortable, and not just in terms of how it fits in and around the ear, but also in terms of how it feels when you’re listening to music. 


Another factor that contributes to the excellent fit is how slim the nozzle of the earbuds - it’s smaller than a lot of other true wireless earbuds on the market and with four different ear tip options, there are still plenty of ways to get that perfect seal. One issue with the PowerBeats Pro's design is that they do jut out of the ears a bit.


The other issue, and it’s something other people have harped on about, is that the PowerBeats’ case is enormous, SHUT UP...I'm joking. Who doesn't carry a bag around with them now. Jokers! 



It's as simple as opening the case near your iPhone or iPad. Two touches later and your devices are synced.


That said, the PowerBeats Pro aren’t Apple-exclusive and will work with Android and Windows 10 devices - all you need to do is hold the pairing button inside the charging case and select the PowerBeats Pro on the device you want to pair.


One of the key reasons you’d want to use an Apple device is to take advantage of the new H1 Wireless Chip, the same one that just went into the Apple AirPods. With it, you’ll notice faster pairing times and hands-free Siri. You can certainly survive without those features, obviously, but hands-free Siri is a spectacularly useful feature if you want to place calls or send texts without picking up your phone.



What really matters is how good they sound when you’re moving - an area that a lot of popular earbuds don’t really master. The GREAT news is that the PowerBeats sound good both during a workout and during your time away from the gym. 



The problem here, however, is that music - and audio as a whole - is relatively subjective, and Apple doesn’t provide you any tools to alter the sound. That can be frustrating if you don’t feel like you’re hearing enough mids when you’re watching a movie and worse, if you feel like your music is missing some sparkle in the upper register. As of now, there’s no way to add any of that back in. You’ll also be made frustratingly aware of all these issues when you take the PowerBeats Pro with you on any form of public transit - for all its other features, the PowerBeats Pro still don’t offer noise-cancellation. Even worse, however, is that they don’t block sound amazingly well, but to be honest, i think it's dangerous to other people if you do. If you want noise cancellation, go for the Bose QC-35 or the new 700!!


Where I find the PowerBeats Pro to perform their best is in a near-quiet environment, like your office, your home or your gym - because you can use hands-free Siri, they’re great for setting timers in between sets and placing calls to friends and clients. And, because they’re so comfortable in the ear and last around eight hours between charges, you can wear them around the house for hours without issue - making them a decent everyday headphone and the one we’d go for if we needed to make a call or listen to Spotify on our phone. To keep the music going, in between sessions we’d pop the earbuds back into their case and they’d be ready to go and fully charged within an hour and a half.


Final Verdict 

Ultimately, while the PowerBeats Pro impressed me, and I've been through sooooo many truly wireless products because of the shape of my ears...in my opinion - Apple’s best true wireless earbuds to date thanks to small additions like the pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric venting hole, their longer battery life and their superior sound quality. 


To that end, buy these earbuds if you’re an Apple aficionado who can appreciate better-sounding music and features like hands-free Hey Siri, and doesn’t mind paying a bit more for those things.


They are still Apple’s most premium play into the true wireless space…!!!


BUY THEM if you're looking for an exercise buddy!! 




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